After leaving Art school, I furthered my studies in Set Design (Theatre) at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence,my hometown where I grew up and developed as an artist. Over the years I have experimented with a wide range of pictorial techniques, but Indian ink remains my preferred medium for graphic expression.

Vita Contadina (e non solo)

Da qualche anno il mio lavoro è concentrato sulla raffigurazione di scene di vita contadina, rappresentandone i lavori simbolo . Per mezzo di un costante studio iconografico (su diverse fonti documentali) gli arnesi, gli utensili, gli attrezzi, sono fedelmente riprodotti quasi a creare un filo diretto che lega idealmente la società rurale medievale con la vita nelle campagne fino a pochi decenni fa.

Sconfino anche in altri mondi – più o meno reali – ma sempre patrimonio della più profonda cultura e tradizione popolare.

Stories of Nobodies

I draw hands out of proportion to underline the main instruments of hard work in the countryside; large hands which "force" the wholeness of the figure and a general dismorphism which, when inserted into a context of perspective and composite simplification, recalls the artistic experience of the naive movements. So it is not my intention to faithfully reproduce the iconography of a specific historical period, but figures which are immediately legible, ingenuous, almost grotesque: small, simple, humble but noble stories; those of so many nobodies rendered solemn and halted in time, in their simple ritual repetitiveness. Or also single scenes of an ideal theatrical performance, where those performing from the screenplay of life have had the most hidden parts, less visible to the public at large: the hardest and most silent parts behind the scenes of the great stage of history. Less visible but often crucial and certainly no less noble than those who have had or taken their place on the stage.

The curtain comes down

A small contribution so that the beauty of those lives is not forgotten in this progression of the wonderful and mysterious representation of life, but rather welcomed with the same attention reserved for the protagonists; because when the curtain comes down, and the costumes - the masks - are removed, we all find ourselves with the same doubts, fears, joys, anxieties, enjoyment, suffering, delights, demons, pleasures and pains, which start in the womb with a mysterious cry and finish with an equally mysterious eternal sleep.

And in the silence, the ticking of memory remains for whoever still performs his vigil.



Samuele Calosi

ATELIER SARTEANO “…in punta di china…”

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Samuele Calosi

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